Service, Inspection, Troubleshooting, Installation and
Light Excavation

Variable Speed Drives and Soft Starts

Switchgear Inspections, Infrared Temperature and Clean/Torque

Troubleshooting & Remediation of Nuisance Tripping of Protective Devices, Harmonic
Frequency Problems, Ground Problems

UPS Systems, Generators & Transfer Switches

Metering, Load Analysis & Surge Protection Devices

Wireless Electrical Metering

Underground & Above Ground Electric Service Installation

Instrument/Controls, Electrical & Automation Kiosks

Electrical Distribution Panels & Transformers

Non-Traditional Electrical Systems, e.g. Turbine, Solar

Trenching and Burying Conduit, Cable & Wire

Light Excavation of Water/Sewer Leaks

Electrical Planning & Project Consultation